AEG Acquires New Client, Campus Safety, Health, And Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA)

OAK CREEK, WI, July 15, 2020 – Association Executives Group (AEG) acquires new client, the Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA).  CSHEMA supports and educates Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professionals to empower and to improve the profession in campus environments.  AEG has been contracted to provide full service, association management services including, but not limited to, membership management, board/committee governance, events and meetings facilitation, project management, financial management, market research, strategic planning, website design and development, and content development.

AEG will utilize their transition checklist, a detailed plan and timeline, to help guide them through the changes to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for the client.  “Within 30-60 days, we become knowledgeable on the culture and industry; as well as become acclimated to the technology, resources, and data already available,” said Denise Harris, president and CEO of AEG. “Taking on new clients is always an exciting project, and also very fulfilling as we get to learn and understand the markets in which they serve.”

AEG’s first big project will be the redesign of the current CSHEMA website.  Their plan and overall goal is to provide the public and the CSHEMA members the most up-to-date news, information, education, and events in the field of EHS.  To make this happen, there are several items the development team will focus on during the process including creation of unique modules for member file repositories, elections, member dashboards, and reporting.  AEG will also include custom features that will allow the site the ability to manage the front and back end of dozens of yearly events from webinars, annual and regional conferences, symposiums, and trainings.  The site will also be designed to provide registration, pricing breakdowns, payments processing, and a robust back-end member reporting system.

“We see a lot of great potential for this client,” comments Harris. “We anticipate expansion to their yearly events, enhancements to sponsorships and partnership programs, leveraging marketing outreach, and growing their membership, so we are really looking forward to working with CSHEMA and are eager to get started.”

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