Who We Are

AEG, a fully-integrated association management company provides organizations with complete on-site headquarter operations or assistance in specific association service areas.  AEG, combined with our sister company, Harris Marketing Group (HMG) has been in business for more than 30 years and our top personnel bring more than 100 years of combined experience in nonprofit association management. We provide effective teamwork and a shared client focus, which are key to delivering quality association management solutions - on time and on budget.  We don't believe in overpriced work or an over-staffed business hierarchy that burdens clients with unnecessary costs. Value and results are our utmost priority.

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Full-Service Management

Today, people have more choices for organizational involvement, subscriptions and event attendance therefore building value is critical to membership sustainability. We have the staff and managerial experience to run day-to-day operations of organizations competing in a national and even global marketplace.  It is our mission to meet and exceed membership demands for customer service and creativity to provide value-added return in a competitive marketplace.

Outsourced Services

AEG offers outsourcing services in a wide range of areas to augment your internal talent and resources. We will stay on budget and meet your deadlines, without the financial burden of additional staff. We offer a long list of association management services and capabilities from web and IT to organizational branding, from publications to educational programming, from strategic planning to event management. Partner with AEG and let us address your specific challenges with our expertise and resources.

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Who We Do It For

Our experience spans a wide variety of specialties including not-for-profit associations, organizations, and societies. Our knowledgeable staff is well equipped to do the necessary research to understand your audience and how to effectively manage your events, membership, or organization.

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Services and Benefits

It takes experience and resources to sustain a top-performing organization. Membership development, educational programs, organizational promotion and administrative management are only a few of the association service areas we bring to support your organization. Whether you need a full-service management company or to augment your internal resources, we have a full array of services and talent to do so.


AEG is fully accredited by AMCI (Association Management Company Institute) and, as an accredited entity, must uphold standards, best practices and approved organizational structures.  The accreditation illustrates our expertise and commitment to implementing best practices by continually enhancing internal service delivery methods and operating principals. Our audits for accreditation validate that we ensure that our approach and oversight follow all standards in terms of ethics, training, policy and financial due diligence. 

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Association Leadership

Creating Long-term Growth Through Effective Leadership

Strong association leadership helps sustain an organization and keeps it competitive while ensuring they have the resources needed to meet their goals. AEG brings vision and innovation into an organization to create membership demand through program development and value-added resources. Our certified association executives have served in senior management roles and steered organizations in their quest for success for over three decades.

While reaching beyond the typical methodologies in our leadership management approach to bring forward-thinking to organizational efficiencies, program development growth and member value, we work to maintain efficiency and productivity within the day-to-day operations.

Our primary mission is serving clients, therefore we strive to create and maintain a strong working rapport with each organization and their members. Review a few client success stories that highlight how we developed programs that supported not only the organization, but also the individual member value.

Service Excellence

Member service can make or break membership performance and long-term sustainability. At AEG, we care about the details like answering dedicated phone lines, providing on-the-spot service, being highly responsive to Board needs and simply following through with what we promise.

Client Success Story: One of our clients has 1,100 current members, and we worked to increase membership through active recruitment. We regularly managed membership renewal data and supplied volunteer committees with data to create a successful campaign. Volunteer committee members contacted potential lost members and increased member retention by 33%.


Experienced Talent

Improve productivity, quality output and business processes by utilizing AEG’s experienced team of professionals. Our staff is schooled and experienced in business leadership, marketing, finance, event management and all other areas that are required to provide service excellence to a non-profit organization.

Client Success Story: For one of our largest clients, we have continued successful conference management and increased conference attendance by 40% since 2012. AEG also increased sponsorship revenue by 80% since 2011 and completely sold out exhibits four years running.


Professional Financial Controls 

AEG’s financial team brings extensive experience, time-tested processes and procedures, and internal control systems. AEG also partners with a CPA partner for annual audits and ongoing guidance for best non-profit management practices.

Client Success Story: One of our clients came with no accounting files, had $0 in account due to theft from prior AMC. We recreated the entire QuickBooks accounting system based on a print out of prior financials. AEG also recreated the membership database and proceeded to increase its numbers. We researched prior tax documents to draft current year taxes and file them on time and simultaneously planned and executed a conference of over 200 attendees. Over a three-year period we grew cash reserves to more than $250,000.

Growth and Sustainability

Like any organization, successful growth is carefully planned and consistently executed. AEG works with client organizations to set growth objectives and constantly build member value that lead to increased membership numbers, successful revenue generating programs, valuable vendor partnership programs and more.

Client Success Story: We worked with our client to increase membership from 800 to 3400 over a six-year period. AEG helped to institute a new certification program, accreditation for certification and increase regional presence. We moved their quarterly publication online. AEG also developed online CE acquisition, new sponsorship / exhibitor program and implemented new certification tests.


Experience and Peace-of-Mind

Utilizing AEG’s full-service management allows an organization to get fully staffed with experienced professionals, equipped with technology and equipment, geared up with processes and procedures almost overnight. Volunteer Board members can rest easy knowing that the organization they provide oversight for is well managed and well serviced.

Client Success Story: One of our clients came to us with the need to transition quickly. We developed a transition plan and checklist and completed transition in less than 30 days with electronic and paper file integrations. We integrated their financial records and maintained organization through multiple committee conference calls.

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